Vision, Mission and Corporate Strategies


  • To be a highly respected coal mining company committed to delivering premium products, high quality service and sustainable growth in the long term whilst minimizing environmental impact.


  • To optimize shareholders value by achieving best performance through all our operations
  • To maximize core competencies by exercising best business practices
  • To promote Corporate Social Responsibility with an emphasis on employee welfare, a high standard of health and safety, sustainable environmental policies, and responsible community development.


Effective Business Actions :

  • Establish strategic alliances with customers by maintaining high quality products and services
  • Exercise cost effective measures and implement value added deliverables
  • Practice good corporate governance

Responsible Social Conduct  :

  • Clear commitment to invest in human resources development to improve the condition of the workforce through training programs, incentive schemes and benefits in order to realise a higher level of productivity
  • Enforce strict adherence to health and safety practices
  • Adopt best practice standards to achieve sustainable environmental policies, and
  • Foster community development through various social programs which will augment the economic prosperity of the community

Sustainable Growth :

  • Capitalize on existing coal reserves and infrastructure to deliver sustainable growth in production levels.
  • Improve current portfolio of high quality assets through strategic acquisitions of coal reserves