Mining Process

All Bayan Group mines perform open-cut mining by paying attention to regional geological conditions such as overburden, geological structure and conditions of existing coal reserve. This method benefits Bayan Group as it is relatively safer, simpler, cheaper and easier to monitor. 

During mining process, Bayan Group use heavy equipment such as Wheel Loader, dozer, Track Loader, Face Shovel, Backhoe and Off Highway Dump Truck as well as Scraper with large loading and transporting capacity to dump overburden and transport coal to closest stockpile location. In addition, each mine has stockpile partially equipped with washing plant, crasher and other infrastructures. 

Open cut mining consists of the following 7 stages:


 1. Exploration

 2. Overburden Removal

 3. Coal Mining


 4. Coal Hauling Processing

 5. Coal Barging

 6. Transhipment/Coal Loading and

 7. Enviromental and Social Activities