Bayan Group’s social responsibility to employment practice is a critical issue which must be maintained in order to achieve mutual satisfaction among employees, the Company and shareholders. The management will perform its best endeavors to ensure the prosperity of employees and make them Company assets. 


Bayan Group stipulates the following employment policies:

  1. Implement employment practices pursuant to employment laws and regulations valid in Indonesia.
  2. Empower the employees in proper, safe and healthy manner and create a conducive family environment. 


Employment practice program constitutes, among others:

  1. Perform employee recruitment on the basis of fairness principle by opening job vacancies at the business locations of Bayan Group.
  2. Offer an opportunity to Bayan Group employees to develop their career and implement the knowledge obtained from their education and work experience in performing their duties.
  3. Provide workshops.
  4. Offer remuneration and other benefits to improve employee welfare.
  5. Cooperate with third parties in relation to employment.


Any Bayan Group employee is obliged to implement Occupational Health and Safety Management System in performing their duties, with the objective to decrease employment risk and facilitate work operations. In line with established employment program, Bayan Group budgets high employment cost on annual basis.