Balikpapan Coal Terminal (BCT)

The BCT is owned and operated by the Bayan Group and is located near Balikpapan, East Kalimantan with approximate coordinates 01º 12’ 0.00” S 116º 46’ 60.0” E.  It is one of the largest coal terminal in Indonesia and is strategically located in the heart of Indonesia’s coal industry.  The BCT is not dedicated to any one mine and can accept coal from a range of sources.  One of the key benefits of this facility is that it can homogenously blend coal from multiple stockpiles at shipload to provide the required specification to the customer.

The Balikpapan Coal Terminal has 5 grab cranes rated at 1,000 tonnes per hour each that are used to unload barges ranging from 230 to 300 feet from the two unloading berths. Coal is then conveyed and deposited into one of 16 stockpiles with total capacity of approximately 1,000,000 tonnes or can also be sent directly to the shiploaders.

The BCT has a single berth with two shiploaders rated at a combined 8,000 tonnes per hour.  Vessels up to Panamax size can be fully loaded at the BCT and Capesize vessels can be partially loaded and topped up offshore.

BCT Gallery 1
BCT Gallery 2