Respect the nature, Minimize the Impact

Bayan Group intends to maximally the positive impact on the environmental, 
measure the negative impacts, as well as taken efforts to mitigate and reduce those negative impacts; effluent to water, emission to air, and contamination to land. 

Our subsidiaries, especially those engaging in coal mining and processing, manage the environment by minimize the impact or effect of their operational activities on the environment.  In line with the Bayan Group vision and mission and prevailing regulatory provision, any mining activity shall involve environmental management in pre-mining, mining and post-mining stages. 

Bayan Group first monitors and prepares a thorough study on environmental conditions prior to land clearing and decides on environmental management actions to be taken so as not to affect the surrounding community or the ecosystem itself.  Several examples of these actions are animal conservation, air and dust monitoring, storage of topsoil for mine closure, and reclamation and revegetation. Bayan Group also cooperates with accredited laboratories recommended by the government, in which the laboratory results will be used by Bayan Group as reference to improve the quality of the Company in environmental management. The environmental performance programs are including but not limited to following areas:

1.    Water quality management and monitoring 
Mine site water is usually acidic and therefore not fit for consumption or to be channeled to the river, as it may damage the river ecosystem. Bayan Group manages such water with special techniques in order to produce water which meets environmental quality standards required by the Government.
2.   Air Quality Management and Monitoring
Dust from mining operational activities are intensively managed and monitored by monitoring air pollution level and spraying of area impacted by dust using water  truck.
3.  Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management and Monitoring
Hazardous and Toxic (B3) Waste Management requires special handling. For this reason, Bayan Group cooperates with third parties with expertise in the handling of B3 Waste.
4.  Reclamation and Revegetation of Ex-Mine Areas.
In this activity, Bayan Group utilized hydroseeding method to allow fast and optimum land revegetation in order to achieve targeted quality and quantity in reclamation and revegetation.
Bayan Group’s commitment in environmental management is evident from the implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by most subsidiaries engaging in coal mining and processing since certification in 2009. This management system is maintained by quarterly external and internal audits.

Bayan Group’s efforts in environmental management have been acknowledged by awards from Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and regional government.

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