Message from the President Director

Dato’ Dr. Low Tuck Kwong

President Director

Dear Stakeholders,
It has been my pleasure to see the Bayan Group grow from what was a collection of relatively small mines to today being one of the largest producers of coal in Indonesia.  This has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of our management and employees and it has been very rewarding to work with this team.  Of course, we are not finished yet and we have a vision to further grow the Bayan Group in coming years with an overall target of more than 50 million tonnes per annum.

The Tabang / Pakar project is and will continue to be the cornerstone of our Group for many years to come.  The project has significant reserves of sub-bituminous coal that is low ash and low sulphur, ensuring a long mine life which is supported by the concession permits.  Production will continue to grow for many years to come as the Bayan Group has invested in and continues to invest in key infrastructure dedicated to its use.  This has resulted in this project having industry-leading profit margins, a position we expect to maintain through the evaluation and implementation of leading technologies.  

We are committed to remaining a thermal coal producer primarily operating in Indonesia.  Whilst our primary focus is to increase our growth organically with the Tabang / Pakar Project, with our solid cash flows, low leverage and leading infrastructure this will allow us to consider opportunities that may not be possible for others in the sector.  As we have done in the past, our preference will be to develop greenfield mining opportunities to producton in order to maximize shareholder value.  We continue to look for and evaluate opportunities that align with our objectives.

Furthermore, I’d like to acknowledge the support of the communities surrounding our projects.  We are currently the largest contributor to community development in Kutai Kartanegara and with the growth of the Tabang / Pakar project we expect that this will continue going forward.  We have bought considerable development to areas that are very remote and have no other major development nearby.  We will continue to employee and train people from the surrounding communities as well as invest in infrastructure, schooling and the welfare of the people.  

Finally I’d like to acknowledge our contractors, suppliers, financiers, shareholders and other stakeholders.  It takes a team effort to develop any mine and without the full support of all our stakeholders, none of this would have been possible.

Certainly, the future for the Bayan Group is very bright

Thank you.